9 Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas To Transform Your Home

The nights are drawing in, the ghouls are becoming restless and everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

It’s time to dazzle your Halloween guests with unconventional outdoor Halloween decoration ideas. That’s right, it’s time to scare your friends!

So, here are our top 9 outdoor Halloween decoration ideas that can transform your home on the cheap. Why is it so cheap? Well, all of these ideas can be done using a selection of our easy to use marker pens!

Don’t worry, they’re non-toxic, so you can get your kids involved in the fun too!

9 Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas: Spooky Floor Art


1) Murder… On your doorstep

A classic murder mystery prop, the dead body outline is a must for any Halloween decoration! It’s simple, lay somebody on the floor in a convincing position and draw around them with a white chalk marker.

2) Freaky Footsteps

You can add to your outline by drawing red footsteps that lead away from the chalk marking, showing where the murderer went. Or is it the murderer?

3) The Hidden Body…

If you have the props, lead the steps to a box, where you can paint blood coming from the side and perhaps hang a paper mache limb or two out of the side.

4) Enter… If You Dare

Welcome trick or treaters with a spooky message on the floor. Stick with classic white, or use red for blood, simply write on your doorstep.

5) Spooky Sketches

Create an aura around your home with some spooky sketches. You could draw bats and scary spiders on the floor! Just be careful you don’t accidentally summon a ghost…

Turn Your Home Into Hell

Our markers are designed to resist light showers but can be easily removed with a damp cloth from non-porous hard surfaces. Though, you should always apply a tester patch before adding your full design so you can check the marking comes off. For extra removal power, use our chalk cleaner.

6) Daring Front Doors

There’s nothing quite like a tally to set people’s imagination on fire. Simply marking a tally off on your front door without any explanation is an effective scare tactic. Or, you can give your visitors a hint and label your tally ‘Victims’

Not only is this spooky, but you can use it to keep track of how many trick or treaters you’ve had during the evening, or how many guests have arrived.

7) HELP…

A large message on your walls is a simple and effective outdoor Halloween decoration. Simply write ‘HELP’ in red and trail off on the ‘P’ for immediate impact on your visitors.

8) Wicked Windows

Bloody hand prints clawing at your windows from the inside is a terrifying sight and another simple trick to spook up your home.

Trace around your hand in red and colour your hand print in. Simple and spooky.

9) Creepy Cars

There’s no point making your home look terrifying if you have a clean BMW on the driveway… Use our auto markers to draw on the windows, spiderwebs are a particularly simple and effective design. Just make sure you remove them before you drive again!

Get Your Outdoor Halloween Decoration Tools!

We have a selection of pens, simply choose the nib size and colour and you can order yours using the product boxes below. Or check out our full range here.

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