Grout Pen

Revive tired, grubby grout and return your tiles to their former glory with our best-selling Grout Pen. The easiest, no-mess grout cleaner of your dreams, available in a variety of colours, nib shapes and sizes.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

Clean your grubby grout the smart way wih Rainbow Grout pens

Fed up with scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom tile grout to clean those tiresome stains? Discovered that using vinegar or bleach and a toothbrush is exhausting and frustrating? We have what you need to make your bathroom and kitchen grout beautiful again!

What’s more, the anti-fungal formula prevents future mould and bacteria build up, keeping the steamier rooms in your home beautiful for longer. It works for both wall and floor tiling and we have two different nib sizes to cater for differing grout widths.

Available in (almost) all the colours of the Rainbow!

Beyond regular white grout pens, we also stock black grout pens, brown, beige, grey and dark grey pens. All use our unique, water based ink formula, which is completely non-toxic and safe.
Our no-fuss grout cleaner couldn’t be easier to use

Our Rainbow Chalk grout pens are extremely easy to use, it’s almost impossible to go wrong!

If you follow these four simple steps, your grout is guaranteed to be restored with no mess or elbow grease!

Step one - prep your work surface

It’s best to use the grout pen when the tiles and grout are bone dry - otherwise, the ink may run or simply not absorb! Leave sufficient time after a shower or bath, or wipe surface down with a clean towel.

Step two - pump the pen nib to activate the ink flow

Be gentle! Carefully pump the nib down on a piece of newspaper or kitchen roll to activate the ink.

This may take a minute, but be patient. Remember that the pen has been stored in packaging and this will be the first use, so it could take 10-20 pumps before the ink starts to flow.

If you press down too hard, you could damage the nib which will affect the precision of the lines you’ll get.

Step three - start drawing

Holding the pen at a slight downward angle (to encourage ink flow), start to glide the pen along your grubby grout and watch it transform!

Ideally, try and do each line of grout in one sweeping movement rather than colouring in a few inches at a time. This way, you’ll reduce overlap and keep the lines nice and clean - this is more important when using one of our dark grey or black grout pens.

Note: The ink may start to run dry every now and then - no biggie! Simply pump the nib on a flat surface to re-prime the pen ready for action.

Step four - operation clean up

There’s no such thing as mistakes, just happy little accidents.

That being said, if you’ve gone over the tiles slightly, use a damp cloth and wipe the excess ink away. No one will ever know…

Step five - the waiting game

Put the kettle on, sit back and admire your (not so hard) work.
The grout will be touch-dry in around 3-4 hours depending on how well ventilated the room is.

However, for maximum longevity, we suggest leaving the grout a full 12 hours to dry and settle to ensure it’s waterproof.

Ta-da. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Disclaimer: Touch ups may be needed every now and then depending on how much use the area gets and how often it’s exposed to water / hard water stains.

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