Grout Pen

Grout cleaning doesn’t need to be hard work!

Rainbow Chalk Grout PenFed up with scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom tile grout to clean those tiresome stains? Discovered that using vinegar or bleach and a toothbrush is exhausting and frustrating? We have a fast and no-mess grout cleaner for you. For white or coloured tiles, use a Grout Pen

The Rainbow Chalk Grout pen revives tired, dirty grout returning your tiles to their former glory and making your kitchen or bathroom beautiful again. What’s more, the anti-fungal formulation halts future mould and bacteria build up, keeping the steamier rooms in your home beautiful for longer. It works for both wall and floor tiling and we have two different nib sizes to cater for differing grout widths.

Not just for whitening, Grout Pens come in all colours of the Rainbow… almost!

Beyond regular white grout pens we also stock black grout pens, brown, beige, grey and dark grey pens. All use our unique, water based ink formula, which is completely non-toxic and safe.
A single pen contains 7ml of ink, sufficient for 40m to 60m of tired old grout. To get started, simply pump to prime the pen. The ink flows until you stop using it. Re-prime to start again. Easy!

For more information about how to use our pens to clean or upgrade the tile grout in your bathroom or kitchen, read our detailed guide to using your Grout Pen here.


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