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Grout Pen

Our best-selling Grout Pens revive tired, grubby grout and return your tiles to their former glory. The easiest, no-mess grout cleaner, available in a variety of colours, nib shapes and sizes. Draw your way to sparkling, mould-repellant grout with Rainbow!






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The Magic of Grout Pens

Grout pens are the ultimate secret weapon for reviving the look of tiled areas in your home.

Our handy chalk based pens allow you to quickly and easily refresh or change the color of the grout lines between your tiles, bringing a fresh and updated look to kitchens, bathrooms, and walk-ways.

Unlike traditional grout cleaning methods that require scrubbing and the use of harsh chemicals, grout pens provide a simple, mess-free solution to make your grout lines look as good as new for a fraction of the price.

How do Grout Pens Work?

Inside the pen is our specially formulated anti-mould, low VOC, long-lasting chalk paint formula.

It's designed to be loose enough to effortlessly glide over tile grout lines, cover up stains and prevent them from returning.

How to Use Our Rainbow Grout Pen

Transforming your grout lines with the Rainbow Grout Pen is an effortless process. Follow these steps to achieve the best results:

  1. Clean the Grout: Ensure your grout lines are clean and free from any mould, dirt, or grease. A thorough clean ensures the grout pen's paint adheres properly. Dry fully before using the pen.
  2. Prime the Pen: Shake the pen vigorously to mix the paint. Press the nib down several times on a scrap piece of paper until the paint starts to flow.
  3. Apply: With a steady hand, draw the pen along the grout lines, carefully covering the old grout. If you go over the tiles, wipe away the excess paint immediately with a damp cloth.
  4. Let it Dry: Allow the paint to dry completely for a few hours. For best results, avoid contact with water for 24 hours.

For a more detailed guide, including tips and tricks for perfect application, see our popular blog post.

Transform Your Space with Different Grout Pen Colours

Our pens are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to perfectly match or contrast your grout with your tiles.

From classic white to deep black, and vibrant colours in between, changing the colour of your grout can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your room.

How To Maintain Your Grout Pen Results

While grout pens are an excellent way to refresh your grout lines, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Longevity: The results from using a grout pen can last up to a year or more, depending on the area's traffic and exposure to water. High-traffic / high-humidiy areas may require a touch-up sooner (This is especially true if you have hard water that stains grout)
  • Dos: Always clean the grout thoroughly before application, and allow the paint to dry completely for long-lasting results. Gently wipe down the grout on a weekly basis to keep it lookig fresh and clean.
  • Don'ts: Avoid using grout pens on damaged or crumbling grout. Repair any grout damage before application for the best results. Avoid scrubbing the grout with harsh products and cleaning equipment that could remove the grout paint finish.

By understanding these limitations and following the recommended dos and don'ts, you can enjoy refreshed and vibrant grout lines that breathe new life into your tiled spaces.

The Rainbow Chalk Grout Range

Our grout range consists of 5mm & 15mm grout pens for varying grout line widths, Groutin - our grout pen formula in a tin for larger projects & Replacement nibs to get the most out of your grout pens after heavy use.

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