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Barn Paint

Designed with outbuildings in mind, our chalk-based Barn Paint can be used on any structure vulnerable to mould and damp. The anti-bacterial, anti-crack & UV colour protection formula keeps your building protected from the elements all year round.






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Do you have a barn or a similar type of masonry building made from either wood, metal, brick or plastic cladding? Wishing it still looked as beautiful as the first day you painted it? It looks like you could do with some of our best-selling Barn Paint! 

Our Barn Paint has been made with a durable acrylic formula, perfect for all types of outdoor use. Our range has six different shades to choose from, all of which protect against cracking, blistering and flaking, as well as mildew, mould, rot and algae buildup. It also offers UV resistance, helping to minimise sun damage and fading, guaranteeing a strong, bold colour for longer.

Our barn paint can be used straight away, regardless of whether the surface has been painted before or not. There is also no need to use a primer or undercoat beforehand, and the paint will be touch dry within one hour of application, ready for a second coat.

Browse the products below to find the right pot of Barn Paint for you. It’s time to transform and protect!

Available Colours and Finishes

Our Barn Paint range focuses on six popular exterior building colours that will add just the right amount of personality without being too ‘in your face’. Choose from either black, brown, cream, green, grey or white (all which are a matte finish).

If a unique look is what you’re after, then we highly recommend using two different colours to add a modern feel to your building. All six colours are so natural, meaning they’ll team together effortlessly to add some unique flair. No pressure though – the colours look just as fantastic on their own and are UV resistant meaning they are better protected against the sun's fading rays.

Want to learn more about our Barn Paints? Read on to discover how well these colours work when faced against severe weather conditions, sunny summer months and mould!

Our Incredible Barn Paint Formula

So, what makes our Barn Paint formula so great? Well, we spent a lot of time and effort on our Barn Paint formula, ensuring that you only get to experience the very best of results.

Our Barn Paints are made out of a water-resistant formula which prevents any cracking or flaking, meaning you won’t have to re-paint your building at every given opportunity to ensure it stays looking fresh. Not only this, but the formula prevents the build-up of any mildew, algae, mould or rot, which is absolutely incredible considering this is what barns are annoyingly famous for.

If cracking and mould prevention wasn’t enough, our Barn Paint formula also offers UV resistance, which essentially means that it will maintain its bold colour even after the sunny summer months.

Oh – and if that wasn’t enough – we’ve made sure that the formula can be applied straight away without the need to prime your surface. The paint will even be touch dry just one hour after application. I think it’s safe to say we’ve made life very easy for you here!

Ideas For Painting A Barn or Masonry Building 

Our Barn Paint range is most commonly used on converted barn homes and domestic animal farms that need a modern transformation. Our Barn Paints are also a popular favourite amongst garden centres, as sometimes, all that’s needed is a quick revamp to make business boom. Whatever you need to paint, we can guarantee our barn range will deliver the results you’re hoping for.

Barn might be in the name, but you’re certainly not limited to barns when it comes to using our paint. In fact, you can use it on pretty much any surface which is made out of wood, metal, brick or plastic. This includes fencing and sheds which require a lick of flake-free, mould resistant paint.

So, whether you’re a farmer having a rebrand or homeowner desperately trying to brighten up the garden, we can support you every single step of the way.

How To Apply

Now that you know what makes our Barn Paint so fantastic, it’s time to learn how to use it properly. Don’t worry – you don’t need any artistic skills or experience to make this work, we’ve made this as stress-free as possible for you!

As mentioned previously, the great thing about our Barn Paint is that it doesn’t require a primer or undercoat before beginning. Instead, all that we need you to do is ensure the surface is clean and dry before going ahead with the application process.

That being said, if your surface is severely chipped or flaking, you may want to give it a sand over. This will help to ensure that the paint will glide on silky smooth and achieve the best end result possible.

Once your surface is spotless and dry, give the paint a good stir and start applying the first coat. This will dry in as little as an hour, but please wait two hours before deciding whether a second coat is needed. This will ensure that the paint doesn’t become ‘tacky’.

Our Barn Paint is made from a super-rich formula, meaning two coats isn’t always necessary. Be sure to wait until the paint is completely dry before making the decision.

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