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Chalkboard Paint

Turn any surface into a functional blackboard with Rainbow’s Chalkboard Paint, from custom displays in your pub or cafe, to entire walls in your classroom or office.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

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Our water based chalk paint is non-toxic and safe for little hands, perfect for at-home family fun! Since it is water-based, it can also be used on outdoor surfaces that are exposed to the elements.

No need to prepare with a primer - simply apply and allow an hour to dry, adding a second coat for a more opaque effect. Within four hours, you will be able to use our vibrant liquid chalk markers on the surface!

What can you do with our chalkboard paint?

Rainbow have been perfecting chalk based formulas since 1994 - and our chalkboard paint is no exception.

The water based, non toxic formula makes it a fun activity for all the family and it can be applied to virtually any surface!

Effortlessly paint over painted walls, plastic, metal and glass. 

  • Turn your work or home desk surface into a creative outlet - perfect for designers or architects (or anyone who likes to doodle for that matter!)
  • Paint a blackboard in your child’s play area or bedroom for hours of drawing fun
  • Add a custom menu board to your kitchen at home (useful for shopping lists and reminders, too!)
  • Create a display customers will remember in your cafe, pub, restaurant or butchers.

Available in multiple tin sizes, we cater for small home projects to large commercial needs.

Our blackboard paint formula 

Our paint is non-toxic, meaning it doesn’t contain any unnecessary nasty chemicals  that are harmful to breathe.

No overpowering fumes after painting and no worries about little hands (or paws) getting into the paint.

Disclaimer: Although non-toxic, do not ingest paint and ensure young children are supervised with the product.

We’ve also done our best to ensure the water based paint offers enough coverage for a fantastic colour payoff. A couple of coats may be required and we recommend application with a short hair roller or brush.

Achieving the perfect paint finish

The secret to a perfect paint finish is in the prep!

Ensure that the surface that you’ll be painting is free of dust and dirt. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth and then allowing it to fully dry before painting.

Multiple coats are recommended, especially if painting over a light surface. In this case, 3 coats may be required.

Getting started - how to apply our chalkboard paint 

Just like our interior chalk paint, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

First, stir the pot thoroughly to ensure all pigment is properly mixed.

Wipe your surface down to remove dust and dirt.

Then, using a paint brush or short hair roller, apply your first coat.

Wait 1 hour until the paint is touch dry for the second coat and another hour after that if a third coat is required.

Finally, leave for 3-4 hours for paint to fully dry and harden.

Decorating your chalkboard with chalk pens!

Depending on how often you write and erase on your chalkboard surface, paint touch ups may be required due to natural wear and tear.

For longer lasting designs, we recommend using our Rainbow Chalk Markers (available in a rainbow of colours!)

They are longer lasting, more precise in application and more bold in appearance than regular chalk sticks. Perfect for social media-worthy cafe displays and learning activities in schools.

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