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The One Paint

The One Paint is a hardy one-coat paint that glides effortlessly over almost any surface. From skirting and doors, to side tables and PVC windows - achieve a flawless finish with our Matte, Satin or Gloss formula.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

Labelled as the best one coat paint around, The One Paint is a water-based chalk paint that is considered to be an affordable, hassle-free alternative to traditional paints. Acting as a first coat paint and primer all in one, using The One Paint means that you won’t have to spend hours prepping your surfaces or waiting for them to dry. You won’t have to spend extra money on a primer either, which is great for homeowners looking to decorate on a budget!

One of the greatest things about The One Paint is that it can be used on near enough any surface you can think of – from walls and ceilings to tiles and skirting boards. No matter where you decide to paint, the results will always display a luxurious, high-quality finish.

Effortlessly paints over:

  • Wood
  • Laminates
  • Plastic/UPVC
  • Metals
  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Stone and much more!

Available Colours and Finishes

The One Paint range is available in several different colours and three famous finishes; leaving you with full control over how you decorate your space.

For those who love to decorate with bold colours, The One Paint is available in green, blue and red. The One Paint is also available in more neutral tones for those who would rather go subtle, such as off white, grey and cream. With over ten different colours to choose from, you’ll never find yourself stuck for choice!

With regards to finishes, The One Paint is available in either a satin, matte or gloss finish. Once again, the choice is completely yours, but you can expect the same high-quality luxuriousness no matter what you pick.

Our Fantastic One Coat Paint Formula

Very few water-based chalk paints can tick all the boxes, but thanks to our incredible formula, our paint goes above and beyond expectation. Our luxuriously thick formula only requires one coat to get outstanding results and an added bonus is that it’s environmentally friendly, too!

P.S: You don’t have to worry about painting when outdoors either – our fantastic formula means that The One Paint holds its extremely high quality even when used in low temperatures.

How To Use The One Paint

There are a few steps to follow to ensure that you get the best results possible (don’t worry – they’re all very simple!):

Prep the surface: Before you even begin to open The One Paint, it’s important to prep your surface. 

Remove any dirt which lies on your surface with a damp cloth and then wipe it dry. You can also sand down the surface if necessary to ensure that The One Paint has the smoothest foundation to work on.

Get the paint ready: Stir thoroughly before using; this will help the formula to work to the best of its ability and will also help the colours to be as vibrant as possible. If necessary, you can thin the paint by adding water, but please note that this will weaken its strength and may require you having to add a second coat.

Once the paint is stirred and you’re happy with the thickness, it’s time to grab your brushes or rollers and get applying.

Paint the surface: It’s time for the fun to begin. The One Paint doesn’t require a special technique, meaning you can go ahead and paint your surface like you would with normal paint. The only difference will be that you only need to apply one coat!

Simply dunk your brush or roller into the paint and glide it across your surface. Although it depends on the application method, you’ll typically find that you can cover 12sqm per litre. For reference, this provides a lot more coverage than standard paint would, saving you both time and money.

If a second coat is required, please wait for two hours to ensure that the formula has finished working its magic.

Enjoy a hassle-free clean up: Nobody likes the aftermath of painting… is there anything worse than ruining your favourite clothes and finding paint splatters for years to come? The mess is enough to put anyone off decorating!

With The One Paint, cleaning up will be the least of your worries. All that you need to do is clean your brushes or rollers with warm water, and they’ll soon look as good as new!

Improve Your Decorating Skills With The Best One Coat Paint

As you can see, The One Paint brings so many benefits to the table which standard paints simply wouldn’t. We are the industry leaders in chalk-based products, and The One Paint is one which we are extremely proud of.

You’ll never have to stress about painting again with this one coat paint on your team, and with so many colours to choose from, you’ll continue to have the freedom to decorate your space however you like. So – what are you waiting for? Join The One Paint revolution and transform your home today!

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