The One Paint

For a painting solution that’s completely fuss-free, look no further than The One Paint range. Designed to save you time, money and effort, our collection of specially designed, fast-drying paints takes the hassle out of painting, allowing you to achieve the results you want quickly and easily.

Offering a first coat paint and primer all in one, there’s no need to apply an undercoat beforehand. The luxuriously thick, opaque formula means you can get to work right away. Simply apply one coat for a stunning, high quality satin finish every time.

Containing low VOCs, this water based chalk paint is environmentally friendly and suitable for painting indoors, making it especially ideal for builders and professional decorators.

It can also be used on a variety of different surfaces both indoors and outdoors, including all woods and laminates, as well as plastic, PVC, metal, cladding and glass. It can even be used as effective brick, stone, masonry and tile paint. This any surface paint can be used on treated materials too, such as those that have been previously varnished, painted, creosote sealed or bitumen coated.

The One Paint range is available in a wide selection of richly pigmented colours. To view our full collection, simply browse the products on this page.


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