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Liquid Chalk Markers

The superior alternative to chalk sticks! Design bold and striking chalkboard displays with Rainbow's Liquid Chalk Marker Pens. Choose from our Interior pens that wipe away with a damp cloth, or our Exterior markers that can withstand the elements.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

Get creative with our liquid chalk markers. An alternative to traditional chalk, these water-based pens have been designed for striking displays on blackboards, chalkboards, mirrors and glass. They are also suitable for use on outdoor surfaces as they are resilient against the elements!

Each pen in our range has a long, smooth barrel, giving you complete control at all times. You can choose from a variety of nib sizes, helping you to create precise, detailed drawings and displays every time. To remove any trace of liquid chalk, simply use a wet cloth and gently wipe away the ink residue.

Our liquid chalk markers are available in a selection of bright, vibrant colours, including white, red, green and blue. You can purchase our chalk markers individually, and we offer a selection of assorted packs too.

Take a look around this page to find out more about our chalk marker pens.

Why use our liquid chalk markers?

Rainbow’s liquid chalk markers are a great source of fun for families at home, due to the non-toxic formula that’s safe for little hands.

They’re equally as useful for businesses who want to stand out from the crowd with a striking menu display or funky mural.

The thick, chalky and opaque formula means that you will get a much better colour pay-off and precision application compared to your traditional chalk stick (which can wear off quite quickly!).

While our chalk markers are designed to withstand minor rain and sun exposure, they’re also easy to remove with a damp sponge or cloth and a good scrub!

Advertise your latest deals and simply wipe them away and experiment with new designs when they expire!

Chalk pen ideas for around your home or business

Fun for the entire family - here are a handful of ways to brighten up your home using our chalk marker pens:

  • Kitchen chalkboard display - detail out your BBQ or dinner party menu. Or simply keep a note of this week’s shopping list and reminders!


  • Using our chalkboard paint, create a canvas in your little one’s bedroom where they can draw their favourite characters. Peppa Pig bedroom mural, anyone?


  • Decorate your windows with Easter / Birthday / Christmas decorations for your neighbours to enjoy too! (remove with a damp cloth and then clean thoroughly with window cleaner to remove any smears)

Increase the footfall and social media coverage for your business with the following ideas:

  • Picture-worthy seasonal chalkboard and window displays


  • Create a striking menu board using calligraphy with multiple colours


  • Turn heads and encourage people in with a promotional A Frame chalkboard display outside your premises

How to use your chalk marker pen

Once you have a clean non-porous surface you simply shake the marker then pump the nib on a flat surface repeatedly to activate.  The ink will dry within a minute of use.

  • 5mm nib bullet



  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Resistant to light showers


  • Valve activated to control ink flow


  • For use on chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, and non – porous surfaces


  • Water based & non – toxic


  • Available in 16 bright colours

A few tips for getting started...

To minimise frustration and get your masterpiece looking as close to perfect, first time... here are a few things to consider before you dive in!

1. Use a stencil or draw lightly in pencil first - draw your design or lettering out and ensure you're happy with the layout before commiting with the chalk markers


2. Remember that window displays need to be drawn backwards from inside! Don't make the mistake of finishing your window display to realise your potential customers are reading reversed jibberish from the outside...awkward!


3. Try our cleaning solution to reduce some of the elbow grease when cleaning your chalkboard or window display.

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