Shabby Chic Furniture Wax

Keep your freshly painted furnishings looking their absolute best year after year with the help of our shabby chic furniture wax.

In our range, you’ll find specially formulated waxes that have been designed to protect your furniture from everyday wear and tear, giving you added piece of mind that your surfaces are safe against potential knocks and spills.

Our furniture wax is suitable for use on chalk painted surfaces, acting as a sealant to effectively protect your furnishings. After it has been applied, the wax also leaves a smooth, semi-gloss sheen, giving your furniture pieces a bright, attractive and satin-effect finish. Clear in consistency, the wax can be used on any coloured furniture, helping to enhance pigmentation and ensuring your pieces look better for longer.

Using our chalk paint wax is quick and easy. Simply apply a thin, even coat with a brush or soft cloth and work it into the surface using gentle, circular motions or by following the grain of the wood. Allow the wax to absorb into the surface, then use a soft, dry cloth to gently buff the area for a stunning, perfectly polished finish.

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