Liquid Chalk Pens, Glass Pens, Steelwriter Pens and Grout Pens Specialists

Rainbow Chalk Markers designed the Liquid Chalk product range and brought it to the market place in 1994.

Our vibrant paints and pens in a rainbow of colours are water-based, non-toxic and easily removed. With our extensive knowledge, experience and unique formulation, we have continued to develop new  products that create cleaner and better ways to satisfy our customers. From the sign industry to industrial marking, our coloured chalk paints and pens are simple to use and competitively priced.

New Products

Our fabulous anti-slip, uv-fading and mould-rot protecting decking paint plus a barn paint for those external buildings that suffer from mildew as a result of their their proximity to growing crops. Be sure to still check our range of chalk-based furniture paint that make shabby-chic an easy option for amateurs or professionals. We sell huge quantities of our amazing grout pens which can rejuvenate mouldy bathroom and kitchen tiles – on walls or floors. Not forgetting our glass pens for decorating windows and glassware, porcelain painter pens for china and steelwriters for metal work

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