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Sealant Pen

Restore discoloured, mouldy kitchen and bathroom sealant to its former glory with the Sealant Pen. Protect against damp conditions with our anti-mould, water-resitant formula.






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Has the sealant in your kitchen and bathroom started to look dirty or mouldy? Concerned about how much money and elbow grease it will take to fix this issue? Worry no more!

Our nifty Sealant Pen has been cleverly designed to make any sink, bath or shower unit look brand new! Simply draw on the area which needs brightening with our anti-mould, water based formula. Before you know it, you’ll have bright white sealant that looks as good as new. 

From small nibs for fiddly places to chunkier nibs for larger jobs, our sealant cleaner range is guaranteed to bring some shine back into your home.

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Sealant Pen Applications 

Within our sealant pen range, you can expect to find a one-stop solution for even the grimiest of places. No situation is too small or too challenging for this powerful pen, and with so many different uses, there’s never been a greater cleaning agent to have around the home.  

Our pens double up as kitchen sealant and bathroom sealant, getting in even the trickiest of crooks to ensure your home is sparkling from corner to corner. This is made possible due to the fact that the pens are available in two sizes – bullet and broad. Our ‘bullet’ nibs are measured at 5mm, making them perfect for thin strips of sealant that can be found around sinks. Our ‘broad’ nibs are a much larger 15mm, ideal for the chunkier bits of sealant that you can find around bathtubs. 

It won’t be long before you have a home that looks like it has come directly from a showroom! 

What Makes Our Sealant Pens So Great? 

Before our sealant pens came into play, a lot of elbow grease was required to make your kitchen and bathroom units shine. We were all too familiar with this struggle, which is why we took it upon ourselves to create an easy-to-use sealant cleaner which doesn’t need anything more than a quick scrub and a simple swipe along the discoloured surface. 

All of our sealant pens are made from an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula which helps to prevent any nasty stuff from building up. That’s right – you can wave goodbye to any mould regrowth and dirt build-up once you’ve had a go with this sealant cleaner! It’s never been so easy to maintain a hygienic environment. 

The greatness doesn’t stop there, either. As well as being made from an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula, our sealant pens are also water-based and non-toxic; just like all of the other products found at Rainbow Chalk. This essentially means that the pens are safe to use around young ones and in enclosed areas. 

Combine all of these benefits with a perfectly white sealant that’ll blend effortlessly into your home and you’re good to go! 

How To Use Our Sealant Pens 

We pride ourselves on making it easy to use products that do the job in minutes; our sealant pens are no exception. Activated with a valve to control ink flow, these pens run no risk of causing a mess in your beautiful home. 

For best results, all you need to do is shake the pen well and lightly pump the nib around 15-20 times. Before you know it, ink will start to flow through the nib, creating a white appearance. And that’s it – you’re good to go! 

Before getting to work, ensure that the surface is completely dry before applying the white sealant. A wet surface may interfere with the solution and ruin the overall finished look. 

Once the nib is saturated, and your surface is dry, it’s time to get sealing. Just like you would when drawing with a pen, glide the nib over your existing sealant to cover up any imperfections. When this is done, give the white sealant two hours to dry before assessing whether another coat is needed. 

Our bathroom sealant is of extremely high quality, meaning its highly unlikely that you will require several coats to achieve your desired results. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to repeat the process 2-3 times depending on the severity of discolouration.

Please note that our pens are designed to cover imperfections and that if your sealant is severely mouldy, with continuous regrowth, we recommend re-sealing.

Check Out Our Fantastic Reviews 

Many residential and commercial buildings have benefitted from our sealant pens, proving just how easy it is to get kitchens and bathrooms looking brand new without breaking the bank. There’s nothing worse than having impossible-to-remove grub lying around, but thanks to this nifty device, you’ll never encounter that problem again! Here are a few reviews from happy customers: 

“Refreshes and modernizes the bathroom instantly! I highly recommend this product!” 

“It was so easy to use but made such a difference! I feel better in myself now [the sink] looks so much cleaner. I still can’t believe such an effect was so affordable, it’s a brilliant way to brighten up your home!”  

As you can see, our sealant pens have truly been life changing for those who have used them. It’s time to give your kitchen and bathrooms the freshen up they deserve! 

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