Sealant Pen

To freshen up your kitchen or bathroom in an instant, look no further than our range of sealant pens. Each pen has been specially designed to restore the look of stained, dirty and cracked sealant around sinks, bathtubs and shower units, providing you with a quick, easy and inexpensive way of improving these areas.

These pens contain a thick silicone sealant which can effectively whiten the area it’s applied to. The formula contains both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents which can help prevent mould regrowth and the buildup of dirt, making it easier for you to maintain a clean, hygienic environment.

Each sealant pen has a long, smooth barrel and bullet-shaped nib, giving you complete control upon application. The water-based, non-toxic formula makes these pens safe to use in enclosed areas too.

To achieve the best results, simply shake the pen well, then gently pump the nib until the sealant ink starts to flow and saturates it. Draw the pen along the sealant and allow two hours for the ink to dry. For severe discolouration, you can repeat the process multiple times. Once all coats are fully dried, the ink will be water-resistant and you can enjoy your fresh, clean sealant. It’s that easy.

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