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The One Home Paint

Like our best-selling The One Paint, but bigger. Designed with modern homes in mind, our wipable one-coat wall paint is available in a rainbow of rich, warm and neautral shades.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

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What sets The One Home paint apart?

Unlike most other interior paints, our formula is water based and low VOC. This means there's no nasty chemicals or smells that harm you, or little ones, when painting in enclosed spaces.

Parents are often concerned about using baby-safe paints in bedrooms and nurserys, and you'll be pleased to know that The One Home paint is completely non toxic. It only contains the necessary ingredients - excluding harmful solvents.

An elevated rainbow of colour

The One Home paint has been a joy to develop, focusing on a modern home palette and introducing a lot of new shades that have not been seen by us before.

We thoroughly reviewed our existing paint lines and interior trends to bring you a well-rounded product range featuring some of our favourite colours yet.

The One Home paint features an extensive shade range, featuring neautrals like Putty & Oat, warm and inviting colours such as Fig & Beige, through to moody and bold shades like Smoke & Forest.

There's truly a shade for every room, every home and every style.

Is it really one coat wall paint?

We've worked hard to make sure our formula is thick and opaque with usually just one coat needed.

However, like most popular one coat wall paints, a second coat may be required depending on:

  • The finish of the paint you are covering (e.g gloss finishes can affect the 'sticking' factor of fresh paint).
  • The condition of the surface you are painting (cracks, chips, exposed brick, etc, can require more coats for a seamless paint coverage).
  • The colour of the surface you are painting over (e.g covering a black wall with white paint may require two coats).
  • The quality of the painting tools you use (a short-haired roller of low quality will not evenly distribute the product. Make sure to use a good quality roller, or a foam roller, for an even finish).

How to apply our one coat wall & ceiling paint

The One Home paint is fast and easy to apply with minimal drying time, turning tedious decorating jobs into a breeze!

  1. Remove the lid to the tin.
  2. Stir the paint thoroughly to ensure the pigment is mixed well. This can take a few minutes - don't skip this step!
  3. Ensure your surface is dry and free of dirt / dust.
  4. Pour out the desired amount into a paint tray.
  5. Apply an even coat on your roller.
  6. Start painting - it's as easy as that!

The paint will be touch dry within an hour, but won't be 100% cured for at least 12 hours, so avoid touching the paint after application.

We recommend opening windows to allow airflow while you paint, as well as speeding up the drying time.


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