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Multi Surface Sealant

Protect your indoor and outdoor furniture from general wear and tear, rain, UV rays & cracks with our Multi Surface Sealant. Just one coat of this hardy, transparent sealant does the trick.






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There’s nothing worse than watching your beautifully painted pieces of furniture crack and peel. You could spend all the money in the world on a paint brand that claims to be the best, but if it's not sealed and protected, it's going to get run-down very quickly! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, our Paint Sealant is here to help!

Our Shabby Chic Multi Surface Sealant protects your indoor and outdoor furniture from general wear and tear as well as:

  • The damaging effects of rain
  • UV rays and light abrasive contact
  • Accidental spills
  • Small chips and cracks 

Offering a more hardy form of protection than our soft Furniture Wax for painted pieces.

Just one coat of this incredible sealant will do the trick, ensuring that the hours you spent painting don’t go to waste. Whether you need interior or exterior protection, our Multi Surface Sealant will have your back. Shop our range below.

Protecting Your Furniture

Our Multi Surface Sealant acts as a true saviour to any type of surface to prevent wear and tear. It can be hard to establish what surfaces will become prone to damage, but with a lick of our sealant, you’ll have added peace of mind no matter what!

This sealant works by creating a ‘flexible barrier’, effectively protecting it against the harmful damage which comes from rain, moisture, UV rays and light abrasive contact - as well as general wear and tear.

Once your surface is coated in the sealant, it will instantly become more durable, decreasing the chances of it flaking in harsh conditions or becoming damaged when cleaned. This helps to stretch the lifespan of the surface, enhance its appearance and save you money in the long run. It doesn’t get better than that!

Our customers have used this as a protective layer over their Shabby Chic Garden Paint as well as the Interiror Furniture Paint range. One customer even painted her bathroom floor with it after doing an impressive tile makeover!!

Our Amazing Multi Surface Sealant Formula

Just like all other products at Rainbow Chalk, our Multi Surface Sealant formula is one of pure perfection. It is a water-based acrylic sealant which is non-toxic. This means that it can be used safely around children and indoors without any issues. You won’t have to encounter any nasty fumes either, which is a common catch that many sealants have.

The amazing formula in our Multi Surface Sealant works to create a low-sheen finish, making it pretty much invisible to the naked eye. This is an important feature to have in any top-quality sealant, as its job is to protect rather than change the appearance of the surface. This also helps to ensure that it doesn’t ruin your beautiful paintwork – instead, it will stand loud and proud.

Popular Uses For Multi Surface Sealant

As you can probably tell by the name, our Sealant is suitable for all types of surfaces; both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to protect wooden furniture, decking, window frames, tiles, plastic and so on; our sealant provides the answer.

How To Apply

Read on to discover how to apply the sealant properly for outstanding results time and time again.

Preparation: Before you even begin, ensure that the surface you are working on is both dry and clean. It’s important to ensure that you’re working on a debris-free surface so that you can achieve a smooth finish.

Application: Once your surface is ready, it’s time to get started! Stir the sealant thoroughly, and either use a long-haired bristle brush or roller to apply. For best results, apply a full flowing coat, covering every inch of the surface. This will help to ensure that you get an even, thin, finish.

If you need to apply another coat of sealant, allow a minimum of 1 hour for the previous coat to dry. Please remember that the sealant needs 24 hours to reach its full hardness.

Aftercare: As you can see, the application process is incredibly simple! And, lucky for you, the aftercare process is super easy too.

Of course, you’ll find that the sealant won’t need looking after for quite some time, as it will be getting to work on protecting your surfaces. If the surface begins to lighten in colour or starts to erode, however, then it’s time to remove the coating with a light sanding and start again.

What Our Customers Say

With over 400 excellent reviews on Trustpilot, it’s safe to say that the time and effort we spend perfecting our products has paid off. Our Shabby Chic Multi Surface Sealant has been rated 5 stars by happy customers, being described as a good product that is reasonably priced and easy to use. What more could you want?

Quality, price and ease of use are the three main factors we focus on when creating our products.

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