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Glass Pens

Experience the smooth, opaque ink formula in our easy-to-use marker pen. Rainbow's Glass Marker Pens can be used for both fun at home and business displays that wipe away in minutes.






Easy application


Highly pigmented

Glass pens put the fun back into making beautiful displays. From drawing on mirrors to doodling on windows, there’s so much you can do! Whether it be a bit of fun for the kids or jazzing up your business advertisements, our glass pens give you the full creative freedom to make something you’re proud of.

Our glass pens can be used both indoors and outdoors; they are made from an incredible formula, making them resistant to light showers yet easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

You can take your pick from pens with bullet or broad nibs. Each glass marker pen is also valve activated, providing a steady ink flow and giving you complete creative control every time.

Browse our full glass pen range below to explore all of the different colours and nibs we have available. You can even purchase assorted packs to make bold and colourful creations!

Why Choose Rainbow Chalk’s Glass Pens?

One of the greatest things about our glass pens is the fact that they are so durable. It’s never been easier to create a stunning outdoor display and take confidence in knowing that it will stay bold until you want to change it.

(Click here to see how we recommended using our Glass Pens for NHS window displays during Covid 19 Lockdown)

We spent a lot of time perfecting our glass pen formula. We are proud to say that every single glass pen in our range is non-toxic, making them all safe for kids to use. No more time will be spent worrying about your little ones drawing on surfaces they shouldn’t – point them in the direction of mirrors or windows and they’ll be good to go!

As well as being non-toxic, our glass pens are made from a water-based formula which means they’re resistant to light showers. With that being said, you can still erase your artwork with the simple wipe of a damp cloth when it’s time to start fresh. We’ve made sure that it is up to you when it’s time for your display to go – the weather doesn’t get a say in the matter!

To make things even easier for you, we’ve also ensured that our glass pens can be purchased with different sized nibs. This allows you to play around with different textures in an instant. Our bullet nips are perfect for writing, and our broader nibs are ideal for signs which need to stand out.

How To Use Our Glass Pens

Our glass pens are valve activated – you’ll always have a steady ink flow without the worry of losing control.

To start, gently pump the nib to activate the ink flow (this may take a minute as the ink and valve will be brand new!) Careful not to pump too hard and damage the nib, though!

Simply apply light pressure when drawing and watch as the ink flows through. When you’re done, take the pressure off. The valve activation will ensure that no ink splatters ruin your beautiful work!

Available Colours For Your Window Displays

If you hadn’t guessed by our name, we love colourful products. With this in mind, it would have been wrong for us to not design our glass pens in every colour of the rainbow (and more!). From bright colours like green and violet to natural tones like black and white, you’ll never find yourself stuck for choice. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to stick to a certain type of branding for your shop window. There are no limits around here!

You can even buy assorted packs that feature a whole range of colours, allowing you to get as creative as you like.

Popular Uses For Our Glass Pens

Wherever there is a glass surface, our glass pens can come out to play. Popular uses include creating stunning displays on shop windows and writing reminders on mirrors.

Scrap the traditional Birthday banner and let people know where the party is with a large Birthday window display! Also useful for Easter, Halloween and Christmas window decorations!

Our glass pens are even popular amongst kids who are always looking for something to draw on. They can enjoy the thrill of drawing on something a bit more unique than a piece of paper, and you can enjoy the comfort of knowing it’ll wash off in an instant. It’s a win-win!

Whatever you decide to do with your glass pen, you can take pride in knowing that you’ve saved a whole lot of money doing a task which would usually be quite expensive.

Why Choose Rainbow Chalk?

Want all of the benefits of our glass pens featured in an easy-to-read list? Coming right up! Check out the following points below if you need further convincing about how epic our glass pens are:

  • Affordable: All of our glass pens are incredibly inexpensive, so creating advertising displays are affordable for any type of business! You can also save money by purchasing through multipacks, too.
  • Different Nibs: You have the choice to choose between a 5mm bullet nib, 5mm chisel nib or 15mm broad nib. These nibs are replaceable meaning you can chop and change depending on what you want to create.
  • Easy To Erase: Want to start fresh with your design or just need to give the glass a clean? No problem. Simply use a wet cloth or our Glass Cleaner to do so.
  • Weather-Resistant: The problem with many glass pens is that they wear away immediately when faced with poor weather. We took this on board and created a waterproof formula that will stay put in light showers (No promises during extreme downpours and storms, though!)
  • Safe For Kids: The non-toxic formula used in our glass pens makes them safe for kids to use.


  • Valve Activated: No more unwanted ink splatters and messy clothes! Take confidence in using a valve activated pen that gives you full control.

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