Barn Paint 5 Litre

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Barn Paint

Rainbow Chalk’s Barn Paint range is a Matte finish water-based paint which is specifically suited to provide protection against mildew mould caused by plants or damp environments and also UV sun light rays to exterior wooden, metal, plastic and masonry buildings. You can apply the Barn Paint to previously painted surfaces, which include those coated with weathered bitumen sealants, tar, varnish or creosote.

The Barn Paint is tough and durable acrylic coating which has an outstanding selection of colour retention ranges to suit your exterior buildings, fencing, walls and sheds etc.

This particular paint range has the unique ability to flex with the underlying layer, which reduces the likelihood of flaking or cracking.

Key advantages:

Water-based paint which makes it an easy product to apply, also easier to clean brushes etc after use and of course environmentally friendlier.

Mould protection additives to support against damp mildew caused by dampness of nearby planting.

Water-repellent wax additives which seal out water seeping through the layers causing internal dampness and rotting support.

U.V ray protection to resist sun damage and fading.

Can be used on a number of exterior surfaces which include previously coated wooden, metal, plastic, and concrete building structures and fencing.

Acrylic paint that has the ability to flex with the substrate to reduce the likelihood of flaking and cracking.

Available in a range of popular exterior building colours.

How to apply:

Barn Paint does not require a primer or undercoat before use. You can simply apply by using a brush or roller and will be touch dry within one hour of application. The surface should be clean, dry and free from contaminants before the application process to maintain the best possible results. Do not apply at temperatures below ten degrees Celsius and make sure the product is stirred thoroughly before use. Allow two hours before re-coating with a second layer if required. The approximate coverage is 12sq meters per litre.