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The Best Product To Write On Glass Temporarily

This blog post was last updated on 15/01/2021.

Look no further for an effective way to write on glass to entertain the kids at home, or increase the social media coverage and footfall for your business.

There are a few different items you can use, but Glass Pens are ultimately the most cost-effective, easiest to use and quickest to clean.

Didn’t know such a product existed?! You’re not the only one.

Writing on glass has become even more popular since parents and homeowners have had to adjust to the pandemic. Businesses are now needing to find new ways to increase brand awareness with beautiful window displays and parents are faced with entertaining their little ones at home.

Find out more about how to use our best-selling Glass Markers below:Rainbow glass pens write on glass temporarily safely

How To Write On Glass With Rainbow Glass Pens

We developed our chalk-based glass pen formula to offer you a quick, easy and precise way to write on glass. They are loved by homeowners and business owners alike for:


  • Non-toxic, easy clean activity for the kids
  • Unique window decorations for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and more
  • Entertaining home-schooling techniques


  • Head-turning sale announcements
  • Seasonal window displays
  •  Displaying in-store covid procedures and take-away menus
One of our customers used our glass pens to decorate their house for Halloween – nice pumpkin!

How To Use Glass Pens

A huge benefit for using a glass marker, rather than fiddly paint pots and brushes, is that it has the ease and familiarity of a pen. The precise nib means the chalk-based ink is deposited exactly where you want it and you have more control over the motion.

To use our markers, all you need to do is:

1. Shake the pen vigorously before use

Your pen has been in a packet and the chalk and water formula will have naturally separated. You will hear the little metal ball that is mixing the formula inside the pen.

2. Gently pump the nib to get the ink flowing

Pump the nib down multiple times on a piece of paper or kitchen-towel until you see the ink saturate the nib and start flowing. Do so carefully though, you don’t want to ruin the nib!

3. Start drawing!

Simply hold the pen up to the glass surface and start your design. You may need to re-pump the nib at times to regain a smooth ink flow. This is because the pen will be held horizontally and the ink needs to be re-deposited into the nib to continue drawing.

Quick Removal

Simply wipe away with a damp cloth and a dash of dish soap. Alternatively, you can use our specially formulated glass cleaner to remove the elbow grease.

There’s no risk of scratching your window when removing the ink – The water-based chalk formula simply wipes away , just take a look below:

write on glass easy to clean off
They’re easy to clean off, just use hot water and soap.

Glass Pens vs Permanent Markers & Glass Paint Pots

permanent markers write on glass
Glass Paint write on glass

It wouldn’t be fair to assume Glass pens are the best option to write on glass without comparing to popular alternatives. Here are our thoughts:

Using glass paint can be tricky for non-professionals!

Using glass paint can be tricky – it’s best used by someone with a natural artistic talent. Or, you may been to invest in a professional to paint your window display to get the results you’re after – which can be costly for your business!

The second drawback is that even after some scrubbing you may have to scrape off the old paint, which can get tedious (Not to mention dangerous, as one site suggested using a razor blade to do this – definitely DO NOT do that!)

Furthermore, not all glass paints are water-based and non-toxic so picking between them can be tricky.

The drawbacks to using permanent markers to write on glass

We were fascinated to see that you could use a permanent marker on glass – although the colour pay-off is questionable. With the affordability of markers and the huge selection of colours, it may seem like a no-brainer.

You might need a lot of glass cleaner to get it off though…

Upon some forum reading, we discovered that permanent markers have different success rates when it’s time for removing the ink. Some forum users reported having to use rubbing alcohol to remove their designs – which is both an extra expense and tedious.

A further problem is that most permanent markers are NOT non-toxic – they contain nasty chemicals and have a pungent smell. Both of which are dangerous and unpleasant to work with – especially if children are involved in the activity.

Though it may seem like a quick and cheap way get ink to glass, it may end up taking more time to remove than it’s worth.

Write On Glass With Rainbow Glass Pens

  • Our chalk based formula gives a fantastic, bold colour-pay off
  • They are inexpensive
  • AND they are easy to clean off

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