Recreate This Stunning Shabby Chic Table In Just A Few Steps!

Remember our previous blog post about Candice, the vintage and retro furniture shop owner who uses our Shabby chic paint?

Well she’s been at it again and this time created a shabby chic table with gold leaf detail. Take a look at her DIY shabby chic project below:

shabby chic table

As you can see, the newly up-cycled table looks fantastic as a living room centrepiece.

And the best part is, the only cost to create this shabby chic table was one 250ML tin of our shabby chic furniture paint and some gold leaf from any craft shop!

Making your own shabby chic table is easy and inexpensive

Most people have dreary wooden furniture like tables, chairs, wardrobes and dressers. And when they want to re-design a room, they chuck out the dated wooden furniture only to replace it with more expensive, modern pieces.

Well it’s time to get that old wooden furniture down from the loft and give it a new breath of life! You’ll be amazed at the fantastic results for such a small cost.

Feeling inspired to make your own shabby chic table? Read our quick and easy 10 step guide!

Crafty shabby chic table ideas:

The shabby chic table possibilities are endless! Candice took a simple and sleek approach with our Chalky White shabby chic paint, but the sky is your limit when it comes to DIY home décor. Think about the colours that will complement the room in which you want to showcase it.

Here are a few shabby chic table ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Shabby chic coffee table made from an old wooden pallet (This looks fantastic and is so easy to make. Click on the idea to get instructions)
  • A bare wooden top table with shabby chic legs
  • Multi coloured shabby chic tables (Not as crazy as they sound)
  • Extremely distressed / vintage looking tables
  • DIY shabby chic tables made from a door

All of those ideas can be found here, on Pinterest, so take a look and get inspired…

Shabby Chic Furniture Paint For Your DIY Projects

Rainbow Chalk Shabby Chic Paint is perfect for your home DIY projects! Get your family and friends talking with your shabby chic table.

Our matt finish, water based paints can be used directly on wood (bare or painted), brick, stone, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface (metal, plastic, etc).

If you’ve used our paint to shabby chic any furniture, send in your pictures to to feature in our blog!

All of our paint colours can be found HERE, on our product page. Alternatively, buy your Chalky White paint below in our product box!