Take A Look At This White Hart Lane Shabby Chic Garden Bench!

Tracy from Basildon, Essex, is back at it again! Last week, she sent us pictures of her unique decking chair and now she’s WOWed us again with her shabby chic garden bench!

How Tracy Made Her Wonderful Shabby Chic Garden Bench

After her latest success using our Shabby Chic Garden Paint, Tracy decided she wanted to transform an old wooden bench into a shabby chic masterpiece!

Here’s a before picture:

brown shabby chic garden bench

As you can see, the previously used paint has chipped away and left a shabby but not so chic appearance.

So, Tracy ordered some of our Garden Paint in the colours Post Black and Petal White and got to work! All she had to do was:

  • Stir the paint thoroughly
  • Clear the work area to avoid spillage on other garden decorations
  • Apply the paint to the bench with a paint brush
  • Use a smaller brush to paint the lettering on the sign
  • Wait for the paint to dry

A few coats later, the bench was unrecognisable…

The Finished Product

With little effort, Tracy achieved a beautiful finish on her shabby chic garden bench. We love the contrast between the black bench and the white lettering on the metal sign, despite the associated team! In fact, we think our Shabby Chic Garden paint might just have a better finish than Harry Kane.

black shabby chic garden bench

Tracy said:

“I could paint with the Rainbow Chalk Garden Paint all day! It’s absolutely brilliant and it washes off your skin easily. Much better than some of the other leading brands!”

Get Your Shabby Chic Garden Furniture Paint Now

Inspired to make your own shabby chic garden chair? Use the product boxes below to:

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