Painting On Glass With Rainbow Chalk Markers

Painting on glass isn’t just an advertising trick for business owners! If done tastefully, it can also add a stylish flair to your home. With a little help from Pinterest, we’re going to explore a few different ways you can use Rainbow Chalk Markers to decorate different rooms in your house.

Nurseries and Children’s rooms

When it comes to your baby’s nursery, why stop at decorating the room with wall stickers and hanging mobiles?

You can decorate the windows with fun and sweet designs to give your little one something nice to look at when they are laying down. It’s also a nice way to block out some of the light or obstruct the view in to your home when you don’t want to draw the curtains or blinds during the day!

You could paint:

  • Clouds
  • Sheep jumping over a fence
  • Flowers and grass
  • Farm animals
  • The name of your baby with swirly decoration.

The fun doesn’t have to stop at nurseries, either. Older children can have fun painting on glass too! In fact, this makes for a great, inexpensive activity for a rainy day. Our non-toxic water based chalk markers mean you can let your little ones paint without a worry.

Here are some of our ideas for both boy’s and girl’s rooms:

  • Their favourite cartoon characters
  • ABCs and 123s to help them learn
  • Their favourite animal
  • A to-do list that they can check off

The nature of these pens means that you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth, or our window cleaner, and start a new design straight away. This means you can always keep up with the changes and give your children something to do every other week.

Beautiful Bathroom Windows

For most people, their bathroom is a place where they can go and relax after a hard day. When you’re soaking in the bath with the scented candles on, you can look up at your window and admire some DIY artwork like some detailed mandala designs!

Not to mention, this also offers you some privacy from the outside world. Although most bathroom windows are made with frosted glass, you can still jazz them up with some glass painting pens.

Another option might be to draw on the outside of the shower doors if they are made of glass. They will be protected from the water on the inside, and give you something fun and pretty to look at when you’re washing your hair.

Window Art For The Kitchen

If you don’t have a big garden filled with plants, create one from the inside. Like the Pin below, draw potted plants, flowers or even a little herb garden on your windows to brighten up the room!

You don’t have to stagger them out across the whole window, like this example. Instead you could just draw them along the bottom so it looks like they are perched on the windowsill. Or, take a more minimalistic approach and draw some dainty sunflowers!

Another unique idea might be to use the window as your menu board, displaying today’s specials for your family at lunch time or for your friends at a dinner party.

Painting On Glass With Rainbow Markers

Rainbow make painting on glass and mirrors easy with our non-toxic (child-friendly), water-based ink that comes in ten very opaque colours!

Our markers are easily removed from the surface with a damp cloth or, for more convenience, Rainbow Glass Cleaner. Buy yours now from the product box below, or view our whole range here.


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