3 New Grout Pen Colours… Can You Guess What They Are??

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! We released 3 new grout pen colours based on your feedback.

A Rainbow Of Grout Pen Colours For Every Home

Our grout pen range now includes 9 colours, including:

  • White – Most Popular!
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Light Grey
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey – NEW!
  • Terracotta – NEW!
  • Cream – NEW!

Here’s an idea of what the new grout pen colours will look like when used in your home:

Terracotta Grout Pen

terracotta grout pen colours

Cream Grout Pen

Dark Grey Grout Pen

Reviving Grubby Grout Has Never Been Easier!

Other methods of cleaning mouldy, discoloured grout don’t compare!

Our grout pens are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is follow these straightforward instructions to get spectacular grout every time…

  1.  Pump the pen to activate the ink
  2. Test for ink flow
  3. Stop pumping when the ink flows from the tip
  4. At an angle, glide the pen along your grout and watch it transform in front of your eyes!

Our non toxic, mould and mildew repellent formula is designed to cover up discolouration and prevent the nasty bacteria from showing through as quickly. Better yet, there’s no elbow grease involved and our pens only cost £3.50 – £5.50*, making it the most cost effective solution on the market!

For an in-depth review / tutorial post, click here.

*Prices as of 18/01/2018 – subject to change

5 Star Customer Testimonials

Ordered again , that says it all” – Valerie

These are the best grout pens I’ve ever bought. Fantastic coverage….even over really old discoloured grout. I’d Highly recommend you buy these.” – Angela

“Worked well, went much further than I thought they would” – Mrs M J Bradley

“Does exactly what it claims to do. Easy to apply and grout looks as good as new.” – Sue

Still on the fence? You can see more fantastic Amazon reviews here.

rainbow grout pen discount code

Don’t Wait! Revive Your Tired Grout Today!

People love the results from our grout pens and so will you. So what’s stopping you? Click here to choose your grout pen or add a pen straight to your basket using our product boxes below!

  • white grout pen

    Grout Pens 5mm Nib

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