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Less Mess! Halloween Pumpkin DIY with Chalk Markers

Autumn brings the enchanting allure of Halloween, beckoning a delightful palette of colours and creative festive projects for all ages.

This year, Rainbow Chalk proudly presents a fun, mess-free DIY project, perfect for both adults and children: Halloween Pumpkin Decorating!

With Rainbow Chalk’s multi-purpose Glass Markers or Chalk Marker Pens, you can effortlessly bring the spooky and whimsical faces of Halloween to life on pumpkins without the hassle of carving.

Watch our video on Instagram to see how we brought these pumpkins to life!

How to Draw Halloween Faces on Pumpkins

  1. Wash and dry the surface of your real or artificial pumpkin for a clean surface
  2. Shake your Rainbow Chalk pens and gently pump the nib on paper to start ink-flow
  3. Practice your design on paper or trace onto the pumpkin using a pencil
  4. Simply glide the pens over the pumpkin surface for a striking, opaque chalk finish
  5. Use a damp cloth to wipe up any mistakes or spills
  6. Reapply the lid and store your pens away for another fun project!

The chalk formula takes aproximately 5-10 minutes to fully dry. Place your pumpkins around the house or outside for trick-or-treaters. Your designs will even be resistant to light showers!

A Canvas for Your Creativity

Whether you decide to decorate real pumpkins or opt for artificial ones, these markers offer a splendid canvas for your creativity. Artificial pumpkins, in particular, serve as a fantastic, reusable option.

Not only do they eliminate the traditional mess associated with pumpkin carving, but they also provide endless opportunities for use in children’s games, dinner party decorations, and more, year after year!

Easily Changeable Designs

The washable nature of these vibrant markers means you can easily change up your designs as often as you wish. Whether you want to adjust your pumpkin’s expression or switch from a spooky face to a cheerful one, a simple wipe is all it takes.

This feature is especially useful when using artificial pumpkins, as it allows for fresh, new designs every Halloween season.

Detail, Colour, Safety!

Rainbow Chalk markers empower you to unleash your creativity with more detailed and colourful designs. The precision these markers offer allows for intricate face drawings, unique patterns, or even Halloween messages to light up your festive decor.

With a variety of colours at your disposal, including a specially curated Halloween-themed packet, the sky is the limit for your pumpkin artworks.

Mess-Free, Stress-Free Halloween Fun

We all love the allure of jack-o’-lanterns, but carving can often be messy, difficult, and even unsafe for little ones.

With children easily losing interest in tasks that are too challenging, drawing on pumpkins with Rainbow Chalk markers becomes the ideal, enjoyable alternative.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of scooping out pumpkin guts and the potential hazards of knife use.

Family-Safe Festive Fun

Designed with your family’s safety in mind, Rainbow Chalk’s marker range is non-toxic and entirely safe for use by all family members.

Little artists can freely engage in decorating without any concerns, making the process enjoyable and worry-free for parents and kids alike.

Buy your Rainbow Chalk Marker Pens Today

As the season of spooks and laughs rolls in, ensure you’re ready for a delightful, mess-free Halloween with Rainbow Chalk’s Glass Markers or Chalk Marker Pens.

With safety, convenience, and vibrant colours at the forefront, these markers are your go-to for creating memorable, reusable Halloween decorations that appeal to both kids and adults.

Click the product links below and stay tuned for our next blog post where we explore Halloween Window Displays At Home Using Glass Pens!

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