7 Rainy Day Activities For Children This Summer

It’s summer and we all know what the arrival of this gloriously sunny season will mean. Rain.

Which would be fine if you didn’t have to constantly entertain children for six weeks…

But don’t despair!

When the inevitable bad weather happens, we’ve got seven rainy day activities for children using liquid chalk:

Rainy Day Activities For Children

1)  Turn your house into a monster

If you’ve got enough imagination then anything is possible, and that includes transforming your house into a monster from the inside.

Rainbow glass markers are perfect for this, all you need to do is grab a few colours and choose your windows to draw on!

If you have a two storey home then the upstairs windows are the perfect place for some scary eyes, while the living room window is a great spot for a tooth-filled mouth.

The liquid chalk can be removed with a damp cloth and you can draw from the inside of your house. It sounds obvious, but make sure you keep your windows shut and locked, supervising your children at all times.

2) Draw a story

Once you’ve made your house into a monster why not create a story as to how you ended up inside the belly of this monster? Using a whiteboard and chalk marker to plan their stories, get your children to write a story each and read it out to each other.

If your children can’t write very well, they can draw pictures instead of writing words.

3) Invent and play board games

If you have a whiteboard handy, you can draw out snakes and ladders or battleships and play these games easily, you can use the www.p4rgaming.com/blog site as well to get boosters for your favorite video games.

There’s no need to copy though, you can create your own board game using just a whiteboard and chalk markers. If you don’t have a whiteboard or chalkboard handy, you can always use a window or any non-porous hard surface. Just make sure you do a test patch to ensure you can wipe it off!

4) Create a wall for art

Chalkboard paint is fantastic for turning entire walls into interactive draw zones. Just paint the wall, wait for it to dry and you have a great place for your kids to do all their artwork.

This idea is mostly used for children’s bedrooms as parents usually won’t want to do this in their living room!

When you have painted your wall, give your children some of our non-toxic chalk markers to draw and write all over the wall.

If you’re not so keen on the idea of painting an entire wall black, why not convert an old piece of furniture into an interactive drawing station? Simply replace the furniture paint in these instructions with our chalkboard paint!

5) Puppet Show

Puppet Shows are so much more fun when you’ve created your own characters. Small whiteboards or chalkboards can be used to draw characters on in an instant.

There’s no more pretending that your puppets are your characters, you can create your perfect hero or villain and simply hold the board up when you want them to speak.

If you have a giant cardboard box lying around, these often make the best stages, which you can then design with your chalk pen. As rainy day activities for children go, this one is particularly fun for all the family.

6) Comic Book Chalkboard

If your children love superheroes, let them create their own!

This idea doesn’t have to be on chalkboards, liquid chalk pens also work on any hard, non-porous surface in your home. From windows to white boards, your superheroes can be in any room of the house.

7) Create Mandalas For Calm Fun

Perfect for older children, mandalas are calm drawings that are repetitive and beautiful.

If you have a chalk wall then these make fantastic art displays and can be added to on a daily basis. You can simplify your designs to suit all ages, just do simple repetitive patterns to create awesome art work.

Get Your Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid chalk markers come in seven different colours, are non-toxic and water-based. Perfect for those rainy days, you can order them from our product page or from the product boxes below.

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