5 Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

Forget crochet blankets and pastel floral prints. The Shabby Chic trend has made a new and improved comeback over recent years. Think minimalist, crisp colours and natural textures.

Below are a few modern Shabby Chic bedroom design ideas to tickle the interior designer in you.

Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom Design – Out With The Old, In With The New


Pretty In Pink

A pink themed bedroom might seem a little daunting – the first thing that springs to mind is usually ruffles and rhinestones.

Not this one! This modern Shabby Chic design incorporates soft pink decor with crisp white walls and copper accents.

The mis-matched painted drawers still pay homage to the authentic Shabby Chic style, while keeping it classy!

Go Bold Or Go Home

Black & White – a classic colour combo that screams sophistication and simplicity. The half and half wall paint brings drama to the room, meaning only the most basic decor is required to pull the look together.

Here, different metallic shades are used as focal points, making the room a little less harsh on the eye.

Home Is Where The Vanity Is

A modern shabby chic bedroom design calls for a feature vanity table. This piece speaks for itself, bringing elegance and charm to an otherwise plain bedroom.

A hand-painted dressing table like this is fit for a queen!

Throwing Shapes


Have you ever thought about leaving sections of the natural wood when painting your furniture?

The chair and chest of drawers above are a perfect example of how to get creative with upcycling! All you’d need to do is section off your furniture with masking tape before you start painting.

Bohemian Boudoir


Natural wood and animal themed accessories are great for a bohemian boudoir! For a true Shabby Chic bedroom design, try hand painting a few accessories like faux deer antlers and floating wall shelves to create a more modern look.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow!

All of the Shabby Chic furniture and accessories in the examples above needn’t be expensive. Create them yourself with a lick of our premium Shabby Chic Chalk Paint. See our entire range of matte and metallic colours here, or scroll down and add our most popular colours straight to your basket using the product boxes.

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