5 Creative Ways To Use A Kitchen Chalkboard!

Chalkboards are a great decorative addition to any kitchen. You can buy them in so many different shapes and sizes or even transform household items into chalkboards with a lick of paint!

You may have just bought a kitchen chalkboard to jot down random reminders and phone numbers. Well, after reading this, you might be inspired to use yours in a more creative way.

With a little help from Pinterest, here are 5 creative ways to use your kitchen chalkboard!

Descriptive Dinner Parties

Do you regularly host parties, or just like having people round for dinner? Spice up the night by adding your menu to a chalkboard! This comes in handy when you are hosting a larger party and there will be multiple choices to cater for meat eaters and vegetarians etc.

The best part – you can get on with your cooking duties and entertaining your guests without being asked “what’s for dinner” every 2 minutes.

Better yet, if you’re planning to have a buffet or barbecue in the summer, you may even want mini chalkboard displays that you can prop up in front of each dish explaining what it is.

The same applies for themed cuisine dinner parties; you may be hosting an Indian dinner party with lots of different curries. Let your guests know the spice-factor of each dish with a note on your kitchen chalkboard! You can illustrate this with the name of the dish, followed by a number of chilli peppers.

Whistle While You Work

Whether you live by yourself or you’re a mum of three, life is much easier when it’s organised. Turn your kitchen chalkboard into a to-do list or a chores list for your children.

If you have a family, you can set out a weekly or daily timetable (depending on the size) that explains who’s making dinner, cleaning their rooms, washing the dishes and on what day.

If you live alone, you may want to write diary notes on your chalkboard such as “Lunch with Alex @ 12:30 Monday” and so on.

Fun And Games

It’s hard to get friends and family around the table for more than an hour before they disappear with their phones and tablets.

Expand your precious family time after dinner with a fun game! Some ideas are:

  • Turn your kitchen chalkboard into a noughts and crosses board
  • Play a game of Pictionary
  • Blue-tack the tail on the donkey

Illustration Of The Week

Do you like to draw? Well that’s reason enough to draw anything you like on your chalkboard with chalk markers. It’s fun to liven up your kitchen with drawings and illustrations – even if you don’t think they’re very good!

You could even ask guests to draw on there and leave messages during their visits. That way, every time you see your kitchen chalkboard, it will remind you of good times with your friends and family.


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We think this adds a rustic twist to modern and classic kitchens.

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