Table Top Chalkboards

Our table top chalkboards provide you with a cool, alternative way to display important information in an attractive and eye-catching manner.

Each table top chalkboard in our range features a double sided board that has been coated in our own Rainbow Chalk blackboard paint. This provides you with a smooth blank canvas on which you can draw, write and scribble whatever you like. The chalkboard section is then slotted into a supportive wooden plinth, allowing it to stand up horizontally.

These display accessories are perfect for business use, such as when you need to promote an offer or menu in a restaurant or cafe. They can be useful in a range of different environments too. For example, they provide you with a quirky, unique way to display table numbers at a wedding.

Our table top chalkboards are available in three sizes – A3, A4 and A5. Why not check out our chalkboard combo set too? This deal offers you one A4 table top chalkboard, three bullet tip liquid chalk markers in red, yellow and blue, one soft microfibre cloth and a 250ml bottle of our chalkboard cleaner – everything you need to get started for a great price.

Find out more about our free standing chalkboard products by browsing this page.


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