Chalkboard Garden Stakes

Our chalkboard garden stakes give you a cute and quirky way to display text.

These boards have been designed to be driven into the ground, making them the ideal solution for advising others of important information such as ‘keep off the grass’. They also provide you with an easy, simple and stylish way to advertise your business or latest offers in grassy areas. Our garden chalkboard stalks are perfect for adding a personal touch at outdoor events too, such as weddings and garden parties.

Available in a wide range of sizes, each stake features a chalkboard section which has been coated using our own blackboard paint, providing you with a smooth blank surface for adding your own text and drawings to. Each one also has a strong, secure pointed wooden stake, making it easy for you to push it into either soil or grass.

To personalise your garden stakes, why not use our Rainbow Chalk liquid chalk pens? Our pens are available in an array of bright, vibrant colours and allow you to write, draw and scribble whatever you please. Simply wipe away the ink to reuse the stake.

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