Steelwriters Assorted 10 x 5mm Bullet Nib

£23.40 incl. VAT


This non-toxic, Chloride free formulation is ideally used on metal surfaces.  It has a bright range of colours which is great for marking out areas which need to be cut or welded. The ink can be removed with a damp cloth and will leave no visible staining after going through the Galvanising process.

•    5mm nib bullet.
•    Wet wipe erase with damp cloth.
•    Water resistant to light showers.
•    Touch dry in one minute.
•    Valve activated to control ink flow.
•    For use on all types of metal with non – porous surfaces.
•    Ideal for use when galvanising or extremely hot surfaces.
•    Leaves no staining.
•    Water based, non – toxic and chloride free.