The One Paint Satin 250ml

  • Only one coat required (if used correctly, following instructions)
  • Water based and environmentally friendly
  • Easy brush and roller clean up with warm water
  • Our one coat satin paint can be used on multiple surfaces – including previously painted, varnished, bitumen and creosote sealed surfaces

£9.99 incl. VAT



With our first one coat paint and primer in one, you can wave goodbye to the extra time, effort and money spent on undercoats – the perfect solution for builders and professional decorators.

The luxuriously thick and opaque formula means you only need one coat to get the quality finish you would expect from Rainbow Chalk Paints!

Preparation before painting

Simple preparations are required such as:

  • remove dirt with a damp cloth
  • wipe down and ensure the surface is clean and dry
  • sand/score the surface (optional, based on the finish of surface you are painting)

Then you are free to paint away!

Applying The One Paint

The One Paint is water-based and has low VOCs making this environmentally friendly and ideal for painting indoors and the advantage of painting in low temperatures when using outdoors.

Stir your pot thoroughly prior to use to ensure the colour is properly mixed. If applying by brush, apply evenly following the grain of the wood. If rolling, use a short nap mohair roller.

If a second coat is required allow 2 hours before doing so to ensure the best results.

Easy clean up!

Cleaning up your applicators such as brushes and rollers is virtually effortless! All you require is warm water – let them soak and scrub gently.

Which surfaces can you paint on?

Our one coat paint can be used on multiple surfaces which include all woods and laminates, plastic/UPVC, metals, cladding, brick, masonry, stone, glass and more!

The One Paint can be used on treated surfaces such as painted, varnished, bitumen, and creosote sealed surfaces.

Directions and preparations:

Stir thoroughly before use. You are able to thin the paint with water if required. Keep in mind this will weaken the strength and may result in needing a second coat which should be done 2 hours after applying the first coat was applied. You can use all types of brushes and rollers or if you are covering larger areas you can thin the paint further and use through a spraying applicator.

Ensure the surface is free from oil, grease, dirt, and if the surface is treated with gloss paints, varnishes or has a shiny finish then sand or score the surface with abrasive paper.

Coverage depending on method of application is around 12sqm per litre.

Clean your applicators with warm water before they have had time to dry.