Liquid Chalk Wet Wipe 15mm Broad Assorted Case of 10 Packs

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Liquid Chalk 15mm broad pens is water based marker pen that is designed for sign writing on various non porous surfaces such as blackboards, chalkboards, whiteboards, mirrors and glass surfaces.  The ink is water-resistant to showers which is ideal for sign writing on exterior surfaces to withstand all weather elements.

What makes using Liquid Chalk so unique is that you can wet wipe your sign writing art away with a damp cloth, or for more efficiency you can use the Rainbow Blackboard, Whiteboard and Glass Cleaner.

Liquid Chalk 15mm broad pens are a fantastic way to advertise your daily deals then remove them once they expire without any effort.

15mm broad nibs are suitable for large signs which has a broader coverage, ideal for large lettering. You can be very creative by experimenting with fancy eye catching designs to attract your audience.

If you will be using your marker pens indoors you may want to consider Interior Liquid Chalk which is even easier to remove from chalkboard/blackboards.

How to Apply:

Once you have a clean non-porous surface you simply shake the marker then pump the nib on a flat surface repeatedly to activate.  The ink will dry within a minute of use.

  • 15mm broad nib.
  • Wet wipe erase with a damp cloth or Rainbow Board Cleaner.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Resistant to light showers.
  • Valve activated to control ink flow.
  • For use on chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, and non – porous surfaces.
  • Water based & non – toxic.
  • Available in 10 bright colours