Fine Tip Chalk Pens

At Rainbow Chalk, we offer a range of high quality fine tip chalk pens. Take your pick from a wide variety of rich, vibrant colours, including red, blue, pink, green, orange, violet, yellow, white and many more.

Each of our fine chalk pens has a thin, narrow tip and long, smooth barrel, giving you total control at all times. The small nib point allows you to create crisp, detailed drawings and text every time.

In our range, you’ll find water based fine chalk markers. These pens feature water-resistant ink and is perfect for writing and drawing on non-porous surfaces, such as chalkboards, blackboards, whiteboards, glass and mirrors. They are also suitable for outdoor use on surfaces that are exposed to the elements as the ink will not run or fade away.

Our fine tip chalk markers are easy to use. Simply shake the pen, pump the nib on a flat surface to activate it and get to work. The quick-drying ink means you won’t have to wait long to display your art. To remove any trace of marker, use a damp cloth and wipe the surface clean.

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