How to Paint Shabby Chic – The First Time Homeowners Guide!

Just moved in to your first home? Give it some character with painted shabby chic furniture. In this blog post, we show you how to paint shabby chic style to transform your old furniture for its new home!

Tight for budget?

Don’t worry! Creating shabby chic furniture doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Head over to your local secondhand shop and buy some old wooden furniture. It may look worn out and unappealing at first, but it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Sure, you could buy lots of sparkly new furniture but the cost would be through the roof!

Use shabby chic paint to revive the old wood and create a piece that looks brand new! Our pigmented, non-toxic paint formula available in 37 shades is opaque enough to cover any scrapes and scratches.

How to paint shabby chic style furniture for your new home!

The shabby chic furniture shown below was painted by Sarah Williams, a professional furniture painter, who used our paint to decorate. Take a look at her DIYs!

Coffee table

You can see how our sleek Chalky White paint has transformed this plain coffee table into a stylish and rustic looking piece. This item of furniture could even double as a shoe rack or bookcase.

how to shabby chic how to shabby chic

Bedside cabinet

A quick coat of paint has given this bedside cabinet a fresh, matte appearance. If you want to add an extra sheen, consider using our Furniture Wax to protect your piece. Rainbow’s shade Winter Grey was used for this dazzling DIY.

how to shabby chic how to shabby chic


This dresser went from boring and blue to modern and marvellous! As you can see, Rainbow’s pigmented formula leaves no trace of the previous colour. Our shade Chalky White was used in this DIY, however our shade Winter White would look great too!

Corner stand

This corner stand looks brand new after being painted with our shade Latte. This small and easily movable piece is the perfect DIY for busy first time homeowners.

Get your shabby chic furniture paint now!

Ready to redecorate your new home? All Rainbow products used in this blog post have been linked below in the product boxes. Just click – ADD TO BASKET! If you’re proud of your new shabby chic furniture, send your photos to our Facebook page or e-mail us at for a chance to appear in a future blog post.

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