How Glass Painting Pens Can Increase Footfall For Your Cafe

In this post I’m going to focus on small cafes and restaurants, but remember, these ideas can be used for getting more customers into any small business.

If you’ve ever been in charge of a small café or restaurant then you’ll know how important it is that your business presents itself as a unique and interesting place to be. The restaurant needs to look comfortable and welcoming, and not like it’s been made by a soulless, money grabbing investor looking to make a few quid.

That’s where your personality comes in.

You’re a passionate, genuine person who, despite wanting to provide a high value low cost service, still has to keep an eye on the margins.

You have some wonderfully loyal customers who are just about keeping you afloat but you really need some new visitors to improve profitability.

What you want is a cheap, quick and easy solution to get more customers into your establishment.
Grab the chance to be unique now before the cafe across the road does.

Use Glass Painting painting pens increase footfall

A glass pen enables you to write messages on your windows such as menus, special offers, graphic designs, daily jokes, your brand’s message, upcoming events and just about anything you can think of. Some people have even been capitalising on the latest Pokemon Go craze!

You can be as creative as you like, but the true power in using glass painting pens to present a message is that it continuously changes.

Whether it’s day by day, every few days or once a week, that message needs to change.

Imagine your shop window is your facebook page. People come along and they ‘like’ it, so they keep coming back to look. If your status on your window never changes though, people will get bored and eventually stop looking.

If you can’t think of something new every day, don’t worry!

It’d be ridiculous to change an entire display every day, so why not change a small part and make it something simple but memorable.

Things To Write With Glass Painting Pens:

  • Famous quotes
  • Jokes
  • Cartoons
  • Song Lyrics
  • Fact of the day

It should be something that everybody wants to know, changes every day and takes less than a minute to write on a window. It can be as simple as a weather forecast; A drawing of the sun, the maximum temperature and maybe tomorrow’s weather too?

It doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Small, simple changes that get people thinking about your shop every day.

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