How To Remove Mould From Your Student Accommodation

Students, I hear you, you want to remove mould from your bathroom. I’ve been there:

  • First year in your halls of residence – the tiny bathrooms with no windows.
  • Second year – a shared house with people you just about know and nobody takes cleaning seriously.
  • Third year – you think you’ve got the housing sorted out – nice, clean people, but the mould keeps coming back.

The problem is that it doesn’t just look disgusting, mould can have adverse effects on your health.

Mould Grows Without A Conscience!

It will grow almost anywhere, and unfortunately for students, a lot of landlords are either far too busy to deal with it properly or just don’t care. In my first year, the ceiling was painted twice and the tiles were scrubbed thoroughly. The story was the same in my second and third year housing, but again and again we had a mouldy bathroom.

With all the exams, revision and partying, your bathroom needs to be a place where you can unwind – and are not afraid to touch the walls. Hopefully this is where I can help.

In my experience, every time the ceiling was painted and the tiles were cleaned, the grout remained mouldy. No matter what we did it wouldn’t come off. Our landlord always said that it was too expensive to replace the tile grout or buy some mould treatment chemicals. Not to mention, it would put the bathroom out of action for ages. Not an option for a house of 7 people.

So we suffered through it. But you don’t have to.

I wish I had known that grout pens existed when I was at University! Seriously, they are your best option.

Once you or your landlord have cleaned the mould from the tiles and repainted the ceiling, grout pens offer a cheap alternative to regrouting that will refresh your bathroom and help prevent the mould from coming back.

Not just cheap – easy to use too

If your Landlord won’t clean it for you, then you’re in luck.

With a grout pen, you simply give the tiles and grout a quick wipe over to get rid of the surface mould, drying it with a towel afterwards. Then, remove the lid, take out your mould anger by pumping the pen furiously (which doubles as priming your pen), and get covering up that unsightly mould.

All you have to do is follow the grout with the pen, making sure you give it a good pump as you go.  Just check out our results below.


We go into further details about how to use a grout pen here, though it’s really not rocket science.

Within a few hours the bathroom will be ready to use again!

Rainbow Grout Pens even contain an anti-mould agent that helps to prevent that mould from coming back.

Remove Mould With A Grout Pen

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