Liquid Chalk Christmas Special

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Liquid Chalk is water based and solvent free ink which is designed for sign writing on different types of non-porous surfaces such as advertising on chalkboards, whiteboards, mirrors and glass surfaces.  The ink is water-resistant to light showers however you can remove the liquid chalk with a damp cloth, or for more efficiency you can use the Rainbow Blackboard, Whiteboard and Glass Cleaner.

Blackboard paint makes the perfect chalkboard writing surface for Liquid Chalk Markers. It transforms old and worn blackboards giving you a fresh looking board to compliment your advert.

Blackboard Cleaner has been designed for convenient use in environments where large amounts of Liquid Chalk need to be removed from Blackboards, Whiteboards and Glass. It will also remove any residue Liquid Chalk from porous surfaces. When used on glass it cleans without leaving any sign of smearing.

3 pack Liquid Chalk Red, White, Green

250ml tin of Blackboard Paint

250ml bottle of Chalkboard cleaner

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