Chalkboard Dining Placemats

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Chalkboard Placemats are a fantastic way to entertain guest around the dining table. You can use them to play games on, or use them as place settings at the table.The placemats are painted with a unique chalkboard paint that is suitable for Liquid Chalk markers and traditional dry chalk sticks. They are presented with a nice ribbon around which makes them a great gift idea. They make entertaining children fun while dining or messaging guest at weddings and parties.

The Chalkboard surface is painted with Rainbow Chalk’s very popular blackboard paint which is why Rainbow’s Liquid Chalk product range make the perfect writing instrument for this chalkboard.

  • Size specification 200 x 300mm.
  • 6mm Water-resistant MDF chalkboard panels.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Standard as Black but printed is available.
  • Designed for use with Rainbow Liquid Chalk Markers and Dry Chalk Sticks.
  • Hand painted with our best quality Blackboard Pain.
  • Base protectors on one side.