Decking Paint

We believe our decking paint is like no other. Just like our shabby chic garden furniture paint, it offers a great, vibrant coverage to mask the discolouring of the wood underneath. In addition to the fantastic colour payoff, our decking paint is designed to protect your decking from the fading effects of the sun’s Ultra Violet rays. You will find that paints and stains without this feature will fade much quicker, leaving you with a dull and lacklustre decking area.

decking paint

And, like our grout pens, our decking paint contains additives that prevent the growth and re-growth of mould and mildew so you can ensure that, by the time summer rolls around, your decking hasn’t gone mouldy from the wet winter weather.

In addition, it offers something that your average decking stain can’t – anti-slip sand grains that offer added grip during wet weather.

Key Features Of Our Shabby Chic Decking Paint

  • Anti-mould
  • Anti-slip
  • UV Ray protection prevents fading
  • Flexible finish reduces cracking
  • Available in a range of colours

To learn more about our shabby chic decking paint, read our blog post or click on the product pages below to get yours today!