Unique, Inexpensive Personalised Christmas Gift For Mums!

Planning everyone’s Christmas Presents can be stressful, especially when you’re on a budget. You want to get your Mum something she’s going to love, but you can’t afford to spend loads…

We’ve got the perfect personalised Christmas gift for your mum that she’ll absolutely love – A handmade customised mug!

Your Personalised Christmas Gift For Mum

No matter how old you are, your Mum will appreciate the time and love that went into making her personalised mug. It might make her nostalgic for the times when you used to make her drawings when you were little!

The best part about your personalised Christmas gift for mum is that it costs under £20. All you need is a packet of porcelain pens and an ovenproof mug.

What You Will Need

  • Porcelain pens
  • 1 ovenproof mug
  • A tea towel to catch spills
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Kitchen roll to wipe away mistakes
  • An oven – to bake the mug at the end

How To Make Your Personalised Christmas Gift For Mum

For more in-depth instructions – you can click here to read our previous blog post. Otherwise, follow our simple step by step guide below!

The Rainbow Chalk porcelain pens used in this tutorial are non-toxic, which means they’re safe for children to use.

It’s worth noting that, although the markers are called “porcelain painters”, the mug you choose doesn’t have to be made from porcelain but it does have to be oven-proof.

Step 1 – prepare your work space

Lay out the tea towel on your work space to avoid spilling the ink. It does come off with a damp cloth, but it’s better to avoid mess altogether!

Step 2 – supplies at the ready

Put the warm water and kitchen roll next to you. This will come in handy if you make a mistake and want to correct your design. Then you’ll want to get your porcelain pens and mug ready.

We suggest washing and drying the mug before using the porcelain pens to get rid of dust or dirt.

Step 3 – plan your design

Pinterest is a great place to look for design inspiration. A few ideas could be:

  • “World’s best Mum!”
  • Her favourite animal
  • A drawing of you and her
  • A line from her favourite film or song
  • Her nickname

Drawing on mugs doesn’t come naturally for everyone! You can always lightly pencil on the design before committing to it with the porcelain pens. Though, the pens can easily be wiped away if you do make a mistake.

Step 4 – prime the porcelain pens

To activate the pen, first shake it a few times to loosen up the ink. Then take the lid off and gently pump the nib on a flat surface a few times. Don’t push down too hard or you could damage the nib!

Once you see the ink starting to flow through the nib, your pen is ready to use.

Step 5 – draw your design

The Rainbow Chalk porcelain pens are so easy to use. The ink is nicely pigmented which means you don’t have to keep going over your design to get it bold and bright.

We suggest holding the cup so you can change the angle as you draw. Take your time here and remember, if you mess up, it can easily be corrected.

Christmas gifts for mum

We used pink, black and silver for a classic girly look and decorated the entire mug with polka dots.

DIY gifts for mum

Our assorted packs of porcelain pens include 5 colours, or you can choose from more colours if you buy individual pens.

The colours available are: Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink, Violet, Yellow, Orange, Gold and Silver

Step 6 – preheat the oven and let it dry

When you are happy with your design, place the cup back down on the tea towel and let the ink dry for around 15 minutes. The next step involves using the oven, so take this time to preheat it to 150 degrees Celsius.

Step 7 – bake your design for longevity 

Once your oven has reached 150 degrees Celsius, put the mug on the middle shelf for 30 minutes. Baking the ink sets it and ensures that the design doesn’t rub off when it’s washed. Once cooked, remove the mug from the oven with an oven glove and leave to cool for 10 minutes.

Step 8 – optional sealant spray

You can leave your mug as it is but, to be on the safe side, you might want to use a non-toxic sealant spray. Without a sealant spray, the design might start to crack and chip away if it is regularly put through the dishwasher.

A sealant spray will keep your design fresher for longer.

Step 9 – ready for Mum!

diy porcelain pen mugs

Your personalised Christmas gift for Mum is ready. Wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree for her to open on Christmas day!

Don’t fancy making a mug? Decorate a plate instead! Make a personalised Christmas plate with your mum’s favourite snack on it. Then every time she uses it, she’ll be thinking of you.


Make Your Own Personalised Christmas Gift For Mum With Rainbow Chalk Porcelain Pens

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